Since January 2017, the Cité Écologique farm DBA New Earth Organic Farm became a Nonprofit Organization. Its goal is to make organic gardening, permaculture and healthy food more accessible to everyone. To do so it offers internships and various hands-on activities from May to Oct.

It still  produces a large portion of the food for the ecovillage “La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire”, and sells eggs and vegetables to local markets. It also contributes significantly to the local food bank. Our 275 acres of land provides heating and construction wood, maple sugar from our sugar bush, hay for horses, and grows a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and mushrooms in a 2 acre garden and 3 high tunnels.


Our Vision

 Our vision is to instill in children and young adults the desire and the means to feed themselves in a healthy and sustainable way, while caring for Mother Earth. This vision was inspired by the founder of our ecovillage: Our Founder


Our Mission

 To care for the Land, share our experience and spread our knowledge that it is possible to grow healthy food in a sustainable way, by respecting Nature while preseving it for the benefit of future generations.