pic-55bNew Earth Organic Farm is offering internships to people interested in learning more about organic gardening. Our internships offer hands-on learning through real life experience in a fun and dynamic environment.
To make a request for internship please follow this link: Cite Ecologique Internships
On top of the above mentioned basic subjects, Interns are learning the basics and more advanced practices such as:

  • How to manage crop rotations to avoid fungus and parasites.
  • Ways to extend the growing season in our northern climate (up to 9 months per year)
  • How to feed the soil with green manure, compost tea and home made compost
  • The basics of Nutrient Dense Fertilization (inspired by Dan Kitredge)
  • Specific day-to-day care for each type of vegetable
  • Harvest and storage procedures
  • Drying herbs