Right from the start, New Earth Organic Farm has been a platform for the children of our community to experience gardening.

For the children, our garden is life at its best. It’s a place to find beetles, worms and other live treasures. It’s also a food pantry where they can snack on ripe strawberries, pull fresh carrots from the ground or pick a bunch of sugar snap peas! The high tunnels allow them to feel the warmth of the summer when it is still chilly outside. The community gatherings around the sugar bush and harvesting the hay are among their favorites! That is when they experience that unique feeling of being empowered by belonging to a group that help each other.

Like in the olden days, the kids provide more hands to pick the potato beetles and feed the chickens with the bolted lettuces. By helping with various chores, they learn the different steps of gardening from seed to harvest. This includes: planning the garden, calculating how many seeds we need per row, knowing how to protect the small seedling from the cold, and which plant companion is best for such and such specie.

Here are some knowledge the kids integrate while working in our gardens.

  • How to plant seeds
  • to care for the seedlings
  • How to mulch the garden
  • How to weed the garden and recognize the most common garden invaders
  • How to differentiate pests from welcomed bugs
  • How to respect nature in our growing practices
  • How to harvest and store the vegetables we produce
  • How to prepare and cook vegetables so that they are tasty and healthy